The return of the Wave Wizard:

Ivor Shattock takes to the skies again at Talgarth On 27 August Ivor Shattock returned to the Club and had a flight in a Club K13. It was his first visit since 2002. Ivor is a flying legend in the Welsh hills and mountains, flying first at Mynydd Mayo, then Usk and later at Talgarth.…

Flying report: Tuesday 24 May 2016

Day Trip to Snowdon I’ve fantasised about this flight for a while and RASP did look good for all of Wales with a moderate Easterly and decent cloudbase. My half-baked plans were scuppered when a massive wave bar appeared over the Black Mountains in the morning. I got to about 7,400′ in weak but pleasant…

Flying report: Sunday 17th April

6300′ cloudbase Interesting day with a 6,300′ QNH average cloud base later on in the afternoon. The only fly in the ointment was some weak wave interference which gave large areas of sink and made a lot of clouds look as though they should work but didn’t when you flew under them. It was a…

Flying report: Tuesday 5th April

More XC A soggy field didn’t put the dampers on the fun and games yesterday. The best forecast for a few days saw quite a lot of activity with over 20 launches of locals and visitors. The air mass was typically spring-like with convection going to a decent base and the odd shower forecast to…

Important Notice: Corona Virus [COVID-19]


** Following the announcement on Monday 23rd March 2020 - Black Mountains Gliding Club and Airfield is now closed other than for essential maintenance.

We are monitoring emails to the club. And if it is urgent you may also use the Contact Us form on this website.

The current position with regard to Flight Vouchers and Courses is this:

Trial Lessons already booked are now cancelled. We've endeavored to contact voucher holders. If you've not been contacted please accept our apologies. 
Vouchers for Trial Lessons and Air Experience Flights will have their expiry dates extended by 12 months.
Training Courses are under review depending on when they are scheduled for, and attendees will be contacted as required. The ones planned through to June have been cancelled!
We will not be able to take new voucher bookings until further notice. When we are up and running again we will have a significant backlog.
We look forward to meeting and flying you as soon as it is practicable and such difficult times are behind us!