Good SE wave day

Aerotows and circuit in extremely rough air but above 2000 smooth as silk, it was one of the liveliest tows I have ever had, but all good experience. Thanks to Geoff and Tony for enduring all the rough aerotows so we could access the smooth wave above!!A great wave day at Talgarth, reminded me why we all love to fly there….

I managed to get to 9300 QNH, others managed higher, as there seemed to be several wave systems and there was an area where they came together over the river between Talgarth and Hay. The primary from the Black Mountains seemed to topple back into wind so that we were finding good wave lift over the middle of the mountains, well south of the Ydas to Hay ridge. At least that’s what I imagined it was happening!

We all got up and down safely although the tuggies did call a halt to launches in the afternoon due to off-limits conditions on tow!!

Mark Fisher