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Gliding Experiences – Gift Vouchers

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The pure gliding experience! One of very few places in the UK to experience soaring in the mountains. Our qualified pilots and instructors fly around 350 people a year. Read some of our reviews.

Who is it for:

Just about anybody really! Young people, typically from 12, will get a lot from the experience and it might possibly shape their choices as they grow up. Also, those interested in any form of aviation – historic, military or even model aircraft. And anybody who loves the outdoors and nature! Perhaps someone you know who is keen to learn to fly? Or just someone who likes a new experience – it must be on everyone’s bucket list?

Fitness and physical limitations: Flying is not physically demanding. But you will need to get in and out of the cockpit. A maximum weight of 16 stone is a safety limitation, and people over 6ft 4 inches may not fit in the cockpit.

Black Mountains Gliding Experience Flight

One unique mountain gliding ‘aerotow’ flight with a BGA Certified Pilot. You can expect to fly for 25 minutes, sometimes much longer! 


Multi-flight vouchers

For someone who is very keen and possibly using the gliding experience as an intro to learning to glide. Or for a couple who want to be able to visit and fly on the same day.

Gliding Experience Flight For Two

This option is for two people, and consists of a single Black Mountains Gliding Experience flight each,  with a discounted price. You can both expect to fly for 25 minutes, sometimes much longer if conditions allow. This amazing option allows you and your partner, friend, or colleague to fly on the same day, and afterwards, you can both compare your experiences of flying high over the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Two Flight Mini Course

This consists of 2 flights with a BGA Certified Instructor. This is treated as the start of learning to glide. It will cover preflight briefings, you can turn up to the 10am briefing and we will introduce you to gliding. This will involve you in ground handling and helping to launch gliders. During your flights you will be taught the basics of controlling a glider and take control for a large portion of the flight while under expert supervision. You will be given your first BGA Log Book to record your flights. This is the ideal introduction to learning to fly a glider – an in-depth experience with about 60 minutes of flying time, possibly a lot more in good soaring conditions.


How it all works:

You’ll take a flight in a dual controlled glider. After a thorough briefing we’ll get you settled into the cockpit. The glider will be towed up behind a specialist plane. The glider pilot will release when they sense the glider is in rising air. Typically this will be around 2000ft.It’s an idyllic setting, and a perfect place to fly, with panoramic views in all directions.

After you’ve bought the voucher

You will receive the e-voucher via email. We no longer send printed vouchers. If you specified a pilot(s) names this will be on the voucher. If not they will be blank.

Note: If you bought a multiflight voucher you will receive two separate vouchers. These will need to be booked as flights separately.

You will be able to schedule your flight using our online booking system.. Closer to the day we’ll update you if the flight needs to be rescheduled. We will do all we can to accommodate you and your visit.

Please note:

  • All Gliding Experience Flights include three months temporary membership. As a temporary member you will be able to come to the club, help out with preparing equipment and launching gliders and fly at members rates. But you won’t be able to book individual flights or specify a time. You should come to the club before the 10am briefing and should be prepared to be at the club to mid/late afternoon. 

If you’re organizing a group event or a corporate gliding experience you should read this.