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Site Briefing Videos

These short briefing videos are intended to give you an insight into what you can expect and what to be aware of when flying with us at the Black Mountains Gliding Club.

They do not replace the need for briefings or flying with a BMGC approved instructor. We average the longest flight time in the UK, flying over wonderful countryside, with plenty of opportunity to have a lot of interesting and challenging flying, but….

Before you fly, please take the time to view the briefing videos and documents available on our website to help make your visit safe and even more enjoyable.

Note that some examples quoted in these briefings are the extreme and are only present when our conditions are at their strongest e.g. strong wave.

Check with the duty instructor on the day. There is a daily briefing at 1000.

Site briefings part 1 & 2 are about operating from the airfield.

The remaining briefings are airborne and focus on useful information to know when flying.

Have a safe and enjoyable time flying with us at BMGC.