2 XC days in a row...

Two very good days in a row which coincided with the weekend – a very rare event.

Saturday – 4 trial lessons, quite a few check flights and instructional flights and a number of us doing various solo flights the best if which was by Dave Hope who did a 325km flight to Uttoxeter, Chirk and back although a little spoilt coz he had to light his jet at Newtown on the way back. The day offered everything from ridge, thermal and wave. Cloudbase was up to 6500ft QNH by the end of the day!

Sunday – more of the same but just 10 flights and the hangar doors shut by 3pm! – crazy after the winter we’ve just had. Dave took the day again with a 185km flight criss crossing between the Beacons and the Radnor Hills whilst I struggled around the task and eventually succumbed to air sickness and had to land!!

We’re now in the middle of the best part of the year for XC’s so get yourself up to the club and join in the fun.

Martin Pingel