Tony and I went to the club today to do a few little jobs and a pilot from the Cotswolds club turned up on the off-chance of having a flight.

Keith very kindly said he would stop working and give John Docherty and Tony C. a tow. Well, I’m not one to miss the chance of a flight at the moment after nearly a year of being grounded, so I managed my second flight of the year as P2. Robin also happened to be on site and took advantage of grabbing a launch. Many thanks Keith from all of us.

Well, I’d better do the techie bit – Wind on the field was 10kts Westerly increasing to about 30kts SW at height.  There were some showers in the distance but nothing came near the club.  The Cwmdu ridge was working well, though rather rough in places. General cloud base was about 2,300′ but there was even a tickle of wave up to 3,000′! (Impressive, huh?)

It was all rather spur-of-the-moment but most enjoyable. 

First day of meteorological winter tomorrow. Roll on spring!

Anne C.