Spring has sprung!

Lots of flying was had this weekend. The weather was cold with a nice ENE wind and above all DRY! The field still has a few soft spots but is very usable. 

Thanks to Tuggies John and Jamie and instructors Don, Simon and Mike there were plenty of currency checks flown and some good soaring. Myndd Troed was soarable both days and got quite lively when the sun came out with a mix of ridge, broken wave and, yes, thermal. 
Low point: CKV punctured a tyre and needed de-rigging and taking back to the hanger in bits. 
High point: hooking into a thermal at the end of Troed and hitching an ear-popping 8 knot ride to cloudbase (at 2,600′ above the airfield). 

So – we are very much open for business again and conditions are (occasionally) booming!

Dave Hope