If you look at the national ladder there are only 3 flights for today, so far, and all of them are from BMGC!!

Me and Mike T did a 165km flight to Long Mynd, Sennybridge and back while Mike Ashton collected some local turn points.

Why other clubs weren’t out and about mystifies me, the radio was dead with only our down wind calls breaking the silence.

We had 4 air ex’s and a couple of new members having possibly the best training flights possible all thanks to Mike Codds and Martin Watt.

Gerry flew his vintage open cockpit glider, Chris K his Pirates, Richard Robbins out in his DG 300.

Martin B did the tugging to his usual high standard – thanks.

Others? Sorry if I missed you.

Another brilliant day in this great run of weather, may it continue please.

Martin P