Another great day out!

Lovely warm weather with little wind – now that doesn’t sound like Tal does it? Heavy inversion at first meant very poor viz and weak thermals to about 3500 amsl with only small haze caps. We’d set a task to New town, Llandeilo and back for 200km but it soon became clear this was maybe a little ambitious. Nevertheless yours truly decided to give it a go and was soon regretting this as I scrabbled around too low for comfort near Hundred House where landing options were limited! 

Anyway I a mercy thermal and scuttled back towards the club but then diverted into the Beacons, joined by Mike T, where we had a brilliant time in a convergence directly over the tops running almost all the way to Llandeilo at heights up to 6000ft amsl – a final glide 40km says it all. 

Lots of other flying going on and when I left at 6pm Mike Codd was still flying some visitors. 
Great day (yet again)

Martin Pingel