Bidford O/R

The forecast was for an unstable SW airstream with possible showers, drying out as the day progressed. There were only a dozen or so intrepid aviators at briefing with a few people away elsewhere. The SW ridges were working well with dynamic lift and thermal to a base of about 4000′ QNH initially. 
A large cell developed over The Beacons which stopped operations for about 40 minutes as it passed by. I managed to avoid it by going to the southern end of the Cwmdu Valley where the conditions downwind towards the east looked good with a few showers. 
I abandoned any thoughts of going west to Sennybridge and headed off east to try Bidford out and return. Base went up as you went east with strong climbs and streeting. I arrived at Bidford 50 minutes later with a speed of 111km achieved – how a tail wind helps! It did the usual ‘Vale of Evesham’ as some moister air penetrated the area from the Severn giving a few lower Cu and slower climbs. 
Turning back west towards TAL into the 20kt wind was not quite so easy but base rose to 5700′ QNH near The Malverns and good streets were still present. I was able to make long glides under the streets which saved a lot of circling and going backwards. 
After landing at TAL the sky opened up and looked good for another hour plus – should have stayed airborne and then gone west? 
Thanks to Chris and Gordon for running the day, Geoff for hurling us all skywards and Bob for doing his airfield retrieve service.

Mike 615