Tephigrams: What you need to know

Copyright 2011 Gordon B Dennis

Can be as complicated as you like !

Tephigrams are a key weather forecasting tool.

Tephigrams are a meteorological forecasting tool. The tephigram is also sometimes known as the Skew-T diagram or, more correctly, the Skew-T – Log P diagram. Tephigrams can be used to forecast:

• Cloud base/cloud tops
• Convection
• Lift (Sink)
• Rain
• Thunderstorms
• Frontal activity
• & much more

Looks extremely complex, although it’s simpler than most people believe. The detailed background is very complicated, but with some simple procedures you can determine a lot from the tephigram without a great deal of specialist knowledge.

Tephigrams: What you need to know