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Gliding Courses 2020

Last year’s courses were a great success. So were running the same courses this year and to roughly the same schedule. We’ve also found that some newer members would have liked the option of some intensive training to accelerate their pre-solo gliding training or to get them past Bronze. Since we operate 7 days a week and and have a full time instructor for 8 months of the year it’s also quite easy to provide this option.

Beginning Gliding Course 2020

5 Day course. £695. (Commencing on Monday 11th May and Monday 13th July )

This course is designed for those completely new to gliding as well as pre-solo pilots. We also welcome pilots who are returning to gliding after an extended break or are converting to gliding from another air sport. Several of our members started gliding after flying paragliders and hang gliders.

The emphasis will be to get you on the controls at the earliest opportunity and maximise your flying time. Being a premier soaring site, Talgarth offers this in abundance.

Your flying will progress through a structured program, starting with lookout and the primary effects of controls. Once you have mastered how to fly the glider accurately you will progress onto flying the aerotow and upper air exercises including stall and spin awareness. Your progress will be tracked to ensure methodical and structured training. You will also be briefed on all aspects of airfield operations including the safe ground handling of gliders and their daily inspection.

In the event that the weather prevents flying ground school briefings will also be available covering theoretical topics including principles of flight, meteorology, air law, airmanship, and navigation. Additional briefings may cover soaring techniques for thermal, ridge and wave flying.

Note the maximum ratio is three pilots under tuition to one instructor. The aim is to provide two prolonged lessons (approx. 40 minutes) per day per pilot.

Mountain Soaring Course 2020

5 Day course. £695. (Commencing on Monday 20th April and Monday 14th September)

This is aimed at glider pilots of all abilities who are looking to extend their knowledge and skill in soaring ridges and mountain lee wave. Classroom briefings will cover theory and airman-ship.

Daily conditions will dictate whether we go wave or ridge flying. Wave at Talgarth is frequently reached by simply pushing out from working ridges. So individual flights often combine both lift sources. Experienced course instructors will share their wealth of knowledge to best exploit local conditions.

Ridge Soaring

Located adjacent the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons, Talgarth Airfield is blessed with numerous local ridges facing all directions of the compass. Anything more than a gentle breeze provides working ridges local to the airfield. The airfield's location at the foot of the mountains means ridge flying can be practised in weak conditions with little or no risk of landing out.

Wave Soaring

The club's altitude record of 31,500 feet was achieved in mountain lee wave on New Year's Day 1992. Even today there is very little controlled airspace local to Talgarth. Wave Boxes at Madley and Raglan allow for high flights with permission from ATC. Wave sets up locally in numerous wind directions. Your course instructor will explain how weather forecasts are used to predict when and where wave is likely to set up and how to best exploit it.

Note the maximum ratio is three pilots under tuition to one instructor. The aim is to provide two prolonged lessons (approx. 40 minutes) per day per pilot.

Going For Bronze Course 2020

5 Day course. £695. (Commencing Monday 15th June and Monday 10th August)

To qualify for the Bronze Endorsement pilots must demonstrate an adequate level of theoretical knowledge, gliding experience, and safe piloting skills and airman-ship. The course will help prepare candidates to meet the qualifying requirements; namely:

  • Dual and solo flying experience
  • Pass a flying skills assessment and an associated oral test
  • Pass a multiple choice theory test

As an exceptional soaring site Talgarth offers abundant flying time to perfect safe accurate flying with good airman-ship. Flying instruction will develop these skills to the standards required for the flying skills assessment. The excellent soaring opportunities at Talgarth also make the hours requirement for solo flying easily achievable.

Comprehensive ground school briefings will help pilots understand the environment in which they are flying as well as the applicable rules and good practice, all of which help us to manage risk. The Bronze Endorsement theoretical knowledge test covers a broad range of subjects.

All of these topics can be covered in briefings. Candidates may also sit the multiple choice theory test as part of the course.

Note the maximum ratio is three pilots under tuition to one instructor. The aim is to provide two prolonged lessons (approx. 40 minutes) per day per pilot.

Useful Information

Gliding Course Duration and Dates

Training courses normally last 5 days but we can tailor some courses, fewer days, or splitting a 5 day course. Course dates and content is described on this web page.

Places can fill up fast so please book early.

How to book

Please use the form on this page, contact the office by email or telephone to book your place on a course:

Group Size

We can accommodate groups of up to three people per course. Individuals as well as groups are welcome. Each course will have one of our experienced instructors assigned to it.

Accommodation and Food

We have camping on the airfield including electrical hookups for caravans. The clubhouse has toilets, showers and a fully fitted kitchen available to all visitors. Drinks and snacks are available from the clubroom.

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Course Fee

A course fee of £695 applies. This include temporary daily membership, flying and tuition  fees. For camping, caravans and electrical hookup see the charges page for details. A returnable deposit of £200 per person is payable when booking your course. 21 days notice of cancellation applies.