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Black Mountains Gliding Club

The UK's best ridge and wave gliding site

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Airfield from the mountain top

Talgarth airfield webcams:

Talgarth airfield is home to a small and very active gliding club, 970 feet above sea level in the stunning scenery of the Black Mountains.

With soarable conditions on most days, our average flight times are amongst the longest in the UK. For the experienced pilot we can offer ridge runs and wave flying in almost any wind direction and cross country options with few airspace restrictions. For the less experienced, we also offer training at all levels, from thermal to advanced wave and hill soaring. For pre solo pilots, longer training flights allow flying skills to develop more quickly, and consolidate progress

In a N or NW wind the ridges work from Hay Bluff down into the Brecon Beacons, and beyond for the more adventurous and experienced hill pilot. Ridge soaring is also possible in most other directions: the SW ridge in the Cwmdu valley. In a NE or E wind there is Myndd Troed, locally and also the Pandy ridge from Hay Bluff down to Abergavenny. A Westerly will often give ridge lift from Hay Bluff down to Crickhowell.

For wave flying, NW winds often give wave over the Wye valley. Easterly wave occurs in the Cwmdu valley. Higher climbs are possible in SW wave over Brecon, Llangorse and sometimes, when in phase, in the Golden Valley to diamond heights. The club height record is 31500 feet

The club fleet consists of two ASK13s and one K21 (2 seaters). For single seat club flying we have one SZD-51 Junior, one K6CR and a very nice ASW19, recently acquired. We have two Pawnee tugs.



WEEKENDS: the airfield is open for flying with instruction available until the end of March.

WEEKDAYS: the midweek winter flying scheme is currently in operation. Flying and instruction is arranged using the online forum (members only)

The office is staffed - mornings only - Monday, Tuesday & Friday .


Main photo (above}: Talgarth airfield from the top of Ydas mountain ( photo: Mark Jayne )

Talgarth airfield looking East - towards Ydas - photo: Robbie Robertson

Black Mountains Gliding Club with snow on the mountains

Talgarth airfield - photo: Duncan Cubitt / Todays Pilot

Black Mountains Gliding Club, The Airfield, Talgarth, Brecon, LD3 0EJ Telephone 01874 711463

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