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Sunday 4 December 2016

Good SE wave day







A great wave day at Talgarth, reminded me why we all love to fly there....

Aerotows and circuit in extremely rough air but above 2000 smooth as silk, it was one of the liveliest tows I have ever had, but all good experience. Thanks to Geoff and Tony for enduring all the rough aerotows so we could access the smooth wave above!!

I managed to get to 9300 QNH, others managed higher, as there seemed to be several wave systems and there was an area where they came together over the river between Talgarth and Hay. The primary from the Black Mountains seemed to topple back into wind so that we were finding good wave lift over the middle of the mountains, well south of the Ydas to Hay ridge. At least that's what I imagined it was happening!

We all got up and down safely although the tuggies did call a halt to launches in the afternoon due to off-limits conditions on tow!!

Mark Fisher


Friday 25 November 2016

20kt wave day...!

Main highlights of the day were:-

  • Several pilots bounced off the base of the airway @ FL125.
  • Patches of REALLY horrendous turbulence (you had to flying in it to believe how bad it was!)
  • Most pilots experienced 10+ kts at some time during their climbs with their varios hard on the stops.
  • Martin Watt got the best climb rate of the day where it peaked at 20 kts up!
  • As the sky was crystal clear, (due to all the recent rain I suspect) there were tremendous views from Snowdon in the North to across the Severn to the coast of Somerset. The Beacons looked amazing with a dusting of snow on the peaks.

All in all a great Talgarth gliding day.

Tony Crowden


Friday 16 September 2016

Good NW ridge day

Good NW wind gave reliable lift on both the main and Llangorse ridges. Initially the cloud was 8/8 with a base of about 2,500' which gradually rose during the day. There were strong thermals around and some sporadic wave down the Beacons in late morning. The cloud decreased during the afternoon allowing the wave set up in front of the main ridge. All in all a very pleasant Talgarth day. Many thanks to Brock for doing 19 tows up through some quite rough rotor which decided to sit just off end of the field.

Tony Crowden


Saturday 27 August 2016

The return of the Wave Wizard... Ivor Shattock takes to the skies again at Talgarth

On 27 August Ivor Shattock returned to the Club and had a flight in a Club K13. It was his first visit since 2002.

Ivor is a flying legend in the Welsh hills and mountains, flying first at Mynydd Mayo, then Usk and later at Talgarth. He was the pioneer of all the flying we now take for granted, being the first to fly the ridge routes around Monmouth, and into the Black Mountains, the Brecon Beacons and beyond in a glider. He was a very skilled wave, ridge and cross country pilot. He showed us all the way. Many members will have a copy of his books "Talgarth - Playground in the Sky" and "Soaring at Usk".

Ivor started flying in the ATC in the 1940s and learned to glide on a Primary after the war. He retired from gliding in 2002.

      The old days - Ivor in the Alps


      Ivor in August 2016

      Ivor & Keith Richards


      Mike James, Ivor, Robbie Robertson


      Ivor & Gerry Martin

      Ivor & Robbie ready to go


      After landing on the SE run


The Usk Boys: Ivor, Keith, Adrian & Bob

Front: Gerry Martin, Ivor, Mark Fisher, Dave Unwin
Back: Don Puttock, Keith Richards, John Clark,
Peter Saundby, Ian Atherton

      All the old dudes....


The Talgarth Boys: Robbie, Mark, Ivor, Dave & Keith

Photos and text: Mark Fisher


Saturday 13 August 2016

Good Snoopy day....







Great day out in Snoopy with Robbie. NW ridge working well, thermals to over 3000 feet QFE.
Hill walkers on Hay Bluff all waving as we honked the horn merrily at them.

Mark Fisher


Tuesday 24 May 2016

Day Trip to Snowdon

I've fantasised about this flight for a while and RASP did look good for all of Wales with a moderate Easterly and decent cloudbase. My half-baked plans were scuppered when a massive wave bar appeared over the Black Mountains in the morning. I got to about 7,400' in weak but pleasant lift, looked at the lovely clouds beneath me and put Snowdon into the Oudie - only 137 km..
I got in a very hairy spot in a wave-affected valley near Barmouth. No point in starting the engine when it's 6 kt down and below ridge height! I turned tail and went for my (rather dodgy) escape route where I'd seen a field earlier. The roughness got rougher, then bang! Two turns later I relaxed my buttocks enough to glance at the averager - 12.8 knots!
Having resolved to slow down and stay high I made it to Snowdon at cloudbase at 5,900'. What a spectacle - Cardigan Bay, Llyn Peninsula, Anglesea, N. Wales coast and the Mersey.
Fairly easy on the way back, speeding up as my grin got wider. The trace is on the BGA ladder.







Dave Hope


Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 April 2016

2 XC days in a row...

Two very good days in a row which coincided with the weekend - a very rare event.

Saturday - 4 trial lessons, quite a few check flights and instructional flights and a number of us doing various solo flights the best if which was by Dave Hope who did a 325km flight to Uttoxeter, Chirk and back although a little spoilt coz he had to light his jet at Newtown on the way back. The day offered everything from ridge, thermal and wave. Cloudbase was up to 6500ft QNH by the end of the day!

Sunday - more of the same but just 10 flights and the hangar doors shut by 3pm! - crazy after the winter we've just had. Dave took the day again with a 185km flight criss crossing between the Beacons and the Radnor Hills whilst I struggled around the task and eventually succumbed to air sickness and had to land!!
We're now in the middle of the best part of the year for XC's so get yourself up to the club and join in the fun.

Martin Pingel


Sunday 17 April 2016

6300' cloudbase

Interesting day with a 6,300' QNH average cloud base later on in the afternoon. The only fly in the ointment was some weak wave interference which gave large areas of sink and made a lot of clouds look as though they should work but didn't when you flew under them. It was a day to get high and stay high. The cloud base was very variable and I climbed to 7,250' QHN in one patch with an exceptionally high base but got spat out before I managed to contact any wave. Depending on where you were in relation to the wave the thermal strength varied from a just sustainable 1-2 kts up to one very useful 7.5 knotter. Even the main ridge started to work with the help of the occasional thermals later on in the day.

Tony Crowden


Tuesday 5 April 2016

More XC

A soggy field didn't put the dampers on the fun and games yesterday. The best forecast for a few days saw quite a lot of activity with over 20 launches of locals and visitors. The air mass was typically spring-like with convection going to a decent base and the odd shower forecast to be around, but not in our area.

Martin P (Pingu), Dave (Rocket Man) Hope and myself set Carreg Cennen Castle to the west, Shobdon NW and Brecon SW for 208km. Conditions varied from solid 6 knot climbs to a base near 5000' QNH in certain areas, mixed with others that were more like "this better work or we are on the (very wet) deck soon".

We all got round and had various tales to tell whilst others were having fun more locally in probably the best area around TAL. Thanks to Gerry for running the show and Tony for the launches.

Mike Tomlinson 615


Thursday 31 March 2016

Great vis, good XC day

Well the forecast has been broadcasting this as being "a day" for at least 5 days previously so it was no surprise to see Mike T and Dave "Buzz" Hope at the club. John Clarke would have been among us if he hadn't been rostered in to do the tugging duties (thanks John but I'm sure you'll get more than your fair share of XC's during the rest of the year).

So mike T set a 300km task of TAL-Newtown-Brecon SW- Halfway House (between Welshpool and Shrewsbury- return to TAL.

I set off almost immediately from tow and encountered varying success and solidity of thermal with cloud base at around 3.5k amsl.

As the day went on it generally got better and better, with cloudbase at 6000ft in the Beacons, but generally 5000ft amsl. However, there were often some very large gaps between clusters of large cu's so long glides resulted.

So the technique adopted was get high and glide to the next one and work your socks off to get high again because to continue to glide into the blue at low level would probably end your day. Remember we were flying over high ground for most of the flight so although the altimeter was reading say 3500ft we actually only had 2500ft to play with.

Dave Hope, in his Ventus Jet started some way behind me but by the time we got to the last turn point he'd caught me and with a quick "hi" was off on the final return leg never to be seen again until de-rigging time! Wow that glider looks so nice in the air.

Mike T had abandoned the task some time before and went off on a jolly West to Castell Cerrig Cennen (Llandeilo) to test out a new "Flarm" receiver aerial he's put up on his chimney back at home - apparently it works!

Others out were Mike E and Tony Bartlett in their SHK, Richard Robins, some visitors I didn't get the name of and Student Ben continuing his training with Gerry who was in charge of the day.

Thermals were still powering away at 6pm so me and Mike T cruised around in the brilliant viz admiring the wonderful scenery before reluctantly calling it a day and landing - ahhhhh

Great day

Martin Pingel


Tuesday 15 March 2016

Spectacular E wave







As expected, our Chairman's prediction of good east wave this week has come true. We would not have expected anything else of course from the leader. Unfortunately, he was not able to experience it first hand along with the Navy boys and several members.

Monday produced blue wave to FL130 whilst Tuesday went to around FL55 but with some great cloudscapes.

These shots were taken on Tuesday from 464.

Robbie Robertson




Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 February 2016

Spring has sprung!

Lots of flying was had this weekend. The weather was cold with a nice ENE wind and above all DRY! The field still has a few soft spots but is very usable.
Thanks to Tuggies John and Jamie and instructors Don, Simon and Mike there were plenty of currency checks flown and some good soaring. Myndd Troed was soarable both days and got quite lively when the sun came out with a mix of ridge, broken wave and, yes, thermal.
Low point: CKV punctured a tyre and needed de-rigging and taking back to the hanger in bits.
High point: hooking into a thermal at the end of Troed and hitching an ear-popping 8 knot ride to cloudbase (at 2,600' above the airfield).
So - we are very much open for business again and conditions are (occasionally) booming!

Dave Hope


      looking out west to Llangorse Lake and the Beacons...


      8kt thermal with the K6...

My first flight at Talgarth for a while on Sunday, so decided to go with Mike Codd in Kilo 13 - second launch of the day and it proved quite good conditions. A lot of cloud but strong lift where the thermals were forming. At briefing a good wave profile had been identified, but there was no evidence in the cloud shapes locally, nor in the lift found. After Dave had launched in the K6 we saw him circling up and joined him - we are able to confirm that it was indeed a solid 8kt climb, not bad for February...! Myndd Troed also working in ridge lift.
A very nice flight to get back into Talgarth currency.

Mark Fisher


Thursday 18 February 2016

First flying day in 2016!!





How nice to to be posting photos of a flying day rather than the workshop progress (which incidentally was having its roof clad as we flew.
About 12 of us out using both the K13's plus me in my Mini Nimbus (after a quick check flight).
A total of 15 flights in a gentle westerly wind which eventually gave us some weak ridge lift and some reasonable thermals at times. Cloudbase was around 3000ft amsl.
I got my glider a bit stuck in the mud and we all went away with a lot of mud on our boots, trousers,cars, etc but we didn't care coz at last we had escaped the clutches of the earth.

Martin Pingel



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