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Take off directions

"Gate" is the main entrance to the field. The preferred take off direction is "from the gate" in a north westerly direction. This is downhill heading towards the valley to give you an easy escape route in the event of a rope break. It also avoids crossing the road to the farm.

"From the hedge" heading due west is the second choice. It is slightly uphill to start with and crosses the road to the farm. In winter the take off area is rather soft but is otherwise quite a good run.

The north east takeoff is not shown as this is only used in strong winds and needs an individual briefing.


Circuits are to the north of the field (top side of this picture) because that make you visible from the launchpoint and gives you several running out of height options.

Landing "over the gate" should not be attempted except in strong winds because of the downslope. It is much better to use one of the uphill runs and accept a cross wind.

"Over the hedge" landing west is straightforward but, obviously, there is no undershoot.

Southwest is also straightforward in principle. New pilots are often concerned about landing towards a hedge and, aided by sink on the approach, land too short until they get used to the field. There is actually plenty of room.

Southeast is similar but not often used.

Landing east is a good option in calm weather. There is a large undershoot field. Try not to stop before the road as this blocks the field for following aircraft. Touch down on or just short of the road and run on into the main part of the field where it is wider. In an east wind beware of turbulence which can be anywhere in the circuit.